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Lumiya came to feel that her appears to be might have served as a hindrance to her ambitions In the long term.[two] Regardless of the many years she put in steeped in the power of the dim aspect, Lumiya hardly ever manifested the yellow-orange eyes of your Sith.[three] She donned swaddling robes in many different hues occasionally,[sixty nine] but it had been Lumiya's black cloak that seemed to be woven of pure shadow[15] and triangular headdress which were identified as her signature appear.[seven]

"I was Shira Elan Colla Brie. Now I'm Lumiya. And someday, very little fish male, I will spit on your own grave… as I will spit with your Close friend, Skywalker's, immediately after I have found him bereft of hope, of even the will to Stay…"

It had been that same little one whom Solo dreaded needing to sacrifice, and Lumiya mistakenly thought that he had arrive at Hapes for explained purpose. Essentially, he had only appear to invest time together with his mystery family members. Upon his departure from Hapes, even so, Solo's StealthX was attacked by A further with Mara Jade Skywalker in the helm, who had lately confronted him about his descent into darkness. Lumiya intervened just then and, having a command to Ship, caused a hull-breach in Skywalker's StealthX. Battle had carried the combatants to orbit over the nearby planet Kavan, the place Jade Skywalker's starfighter was pressured planetside because it vented environment.

Lumiya quickly thereafter was sequestered by Darth Vader on Ziost, the ancient homeworld with the Sith species.[twelve] There she discovered an archaic Sith tome that specific the method required to craft a lightwhip; a scarce weapon much like but harder to learn than the standard lightsaber, the lightwhip possessed a versatile Power beam in lieu of a gentle blade.[4] With such historic awareness, she created a novel system that has a hilt of approximately indestructible Mandalorian iron from which a lot of extensions spewed forth. Shards of Kaiburr crystal offered to her by Darth Vader offered the power source for that strands of Vitality, although tendrils of steel and Many others of studded leather complemented the pliant beams of plasma for making a a single-of-a-type and deadly flail.

In 25 ABY, the galaxy was invaded because of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire,[forty eight] whose progress agent Nom Anor had attempted to solicit Lumiya as a result of Carnor Jax fourteen years prior.[eleven] The New Republic suffered weighty losses during the opening months with the war[forty eight] to the Yuuzhan Vong, who annihilated almost all opposition to their prepared conversion of your galaxy into a biotechnological learn this here now empire harking back to their particular. That very same yr, Lumiya uncovered that Despite the fact that she was without having an apprentice to continue the legacy of your dark facet, she was not by yourself in its observe; a former Jedi of the Old Republic named A'Sharad Hett had been a student of Sith educating previous to his seize by Yuuzhan Vong scouts from the Unknown Regions.

She allotted two TIE fighter squadrons, Alpha and Theta, for Lumiya, along with four platoons of stormtroopers—two of which ended up elite purple-armored Royal Guards[eleven] who experienced personally served inside the defense from the late Emperor Palpatine.[44] Isard's succor was not with out problems, on the other hand; in exchange for guidance, she asked Lumiya to inspect several top rated-mystery Imperial analysis installations hidden in the Cron Drift.[11]

"In recognition of your respective new functions of heroism on the planet Shalyvane, you might be herewith awarded the Burdine Cluster, coupled with the normal development in rank—Captain Brie."

Each and every section was exceptional and carried its personal concept. Lumiya additional resources ordered the creation of traces from your Tahu'ip culture on the Twi'lek individuals, the Bith Aalagar race of Clak'dor VII, the language with the Firrerreo, the prison dialect of Kessel, and diverse other sources, intent within the development of the product that would appeal to Solo's consideration and inspire him to investigate its that means.[7]

By the point of the 2nd Galactic Civil War, Lumiya seemed to be a bodily-suit, middle-aged lady[7] with hair somewhat turning gray.[five] Lumiya took to your concealing scarf wrapped tightly all around her reduced visage,[15] nevertheless she once in a while exposed her mutilated options when she felt so inclined.[two] Whilst she at times hid them with Force illusions or makeup,[5] she had realized over the years to manage together with her disfigurements and sooner or later suffered them to generally be so.

[68] Aesthetically-satisfying Bodily features coupled with a vivacious temperament built Lieutenant Brie quite preferred among the her Rebel cohorts, but none a lot as Luke Skywalker, in front of whom Brie normally flaunted herself with bashful innocence.[28]

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